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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

35 Harley Blogs

 35 Savage Harley Blogs

There really is nothing quite like the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle getting fired up and ready to hit the road. It’s a distinctive sound that once you hear, you are hooked. If you have ever gone hog wild yourself, you understand that riding a Harley is not just about a fine piece of machinery. My music is a reflection of my bikers lifestyle and for many years I've been lucky enough to get paid well for my music about our Harley bikers world.

It’s all about freedom and the opportunity to feel the wind in your face. It’s about riding in for rallies big & small and enjoying the comradeship of an exclusive group that recognize their fellow bikers from around the World. If you are a biker you can find brothers and sisters across the globe that share your love and passion for your Harley.

If you can’t hit the road as often as you would like but want to see what others are up to I put together a list of 35 hog wild Harley blogs just for you. These are just a sampling of the best I could find on the web if you have any others to recommend, please let me know:

You will soon be reading all about my new biker television series "Savage Roads" and my new Cd 
"Savage Steel" soon available through some of these blogs and most bike networks in the world.

Kind regards and welcome to my new blog!

Pat Savage

This is a great blog currently with four contributors that write interesting articles about their rides. They also cover various Harley events and events surrounding the Harley Museum. It’s a very active blog and as the official Harley Davidson museum blog, worth cruising over to.
This blog contains details, photos, and reviews of different Harley Davidson models. It’s an interesting selection of motorcycles and a quick read.
This is a great current events blog surrounding Harley motorcycles. You can see new news on the next generation of bikes and much more on this really active and great resource for hog fans.
This blog will in satiate readers with information and photos about the Wind & Fire MC and Harley driving and related stuff to fund raisers and burn runs. This blog is maintained by an organized group of  firefighters who at the same time are staunch Harley aficionados.
I normally wouldn’t include an older blog like this in the list but this is interesting because the articles come from the eyes of a dealer and just have a different spin. I like it quite a bit.
The absolute number one spot for everything biker across Canada & beyond. Growing stronger every week! "The best biker resource network in Canada period". I am one who knows the best when I look at it.   Pat Savage
Paul Malone is an Arizona Harley dude. He writes about his adventures and various rides that he has been on along with general information about driving and maintaining a Harley.
This blog began in 2007 and has over 200 well written articles about Harleys and other current events related to Harley riders like California motorcycle laws and much more. It’s really a well written blog that you will enjoy reading on a regular basis.
This blog is from a self proclaimed Harley biker chick. She actually works for an annuities company in Des Moines, IA by day and is an avid biker chick in her spare time. You won’t find a more interesting read. This is actually my favorite blog on the list.
Harley Bound, Heaven Bound is about a born again Christian who found support in a group of Christian bikers. This blog chronicles their adventures together as they grow in faith and put miles on their bikes.
This blog captures the ride history of one man as he attends rallies and enjoys time on the road with his Harley. It’s a fun read with a lot of humor.
Here we add a little international flavor with a great Malaysian Harley blog which announces new motorcycle releases over there as well as some great articles from someone passionate about Harleys.
House of Harley comes to us from Milwaukee, WI. They have a lot of great pictures on the site and a bike of the week feature that is always interesting.
This blog features comprehensive articles regarding various Harley Davidson’s parts and functions. It also has tons of photos.
This blog has feature articles covering topics like why harleys are more popular than ever and other interesting subjects. It is not just about accessories, it is much more than that (not that it wouldn’t be enough).
This blog has several great bike shots and videos obviously revolving around Sportsters. The owner is sidelined by a surgery right now but is looking forward to getting his sporty back on the road.
There are various stories and pictures from 2007 to 2009 on this blog including a near selling experience for the author and his road king (still safely in his garage as far as we know).
The HawgBlog features several great stories about people and their bikes including a true story of a man and his bike with over 350,000 miles on it. Wow, now THAT is impressive!
This blog is written by a female biker living and riding in the Rockies (Colorado). She writes about safety and other really good tips for other bikers. Oh, she has a Fatboy and the “Y” word we won’t mention.

20. The Ride

A Canadian biker/blogger, eh? Yeah great pics and a good read await you at this blog. You can read about his rides and the machines he is currently infatuated with.
This blog is an essential source of information for HD motorcycle enthusiasts. It contains numerous photos and articles that will educate you on the subject of Harleys even if you thought you knew it all.
This is a mile high Harley blog that is really current and full of interesting feature articles about things like properly storing your bike in the Winter, etc. Tons of articles and pics for your blogging pleasure.
This blog shares exciting adventures of different riders with their Harley motorcycles and other off-road vehicles (I just said Harley and off-road I guess you will have to go to the site to see what I mean). Readers will have fun reading the narrations and viewing the photos and videos as well.
This blog features photos of a wide range of motorcycle brands, but dedicates a great deal of space to Harley Davidson.
This is a newly redesigned blog coming to us from a dealer located in Savannah, GA. It is current with lots of useful ride info and more.
Since 1997 this has been a place for motorcycles lovers and Harley Davidson aficionados to share their insights, inquiries and comments regarding bike specifications and riding adventures.
This is a great article on a cool biking blog that adds some more international flavor to the list. Check out what else this site has to offer us Harley fans.
This blog is all about the sound of a great Harley getting fired up and the chills it sends up your spine. The blog was started in 2006 but hasn’t been active in a bout a year. The articles though are really interesting on this no frills, but cool blog.
Here is a different international twist looking at Asian HD fans and events. It’s interesting to see that HD is a true international phenomenon.
Lets quietly ignore the fact that they mention other bikes on this blog and just look at the HD section of the site. It’s a current and interesting place for bikers to congregate.
Harleys, ham radio, and other interesting topics are covered in this blog. Because of the collection of topics it is a really interesting place to visit regularly.
This blog contains various news, events and useful information regarding Harley Davidson motorcycles along with some solid Harley links/resources.
This is s forum/blog most advantageous to people who are passionate about Harley Davidson motorcycles and the adventure it brings to their lives.
This is a new blog (up-and-coming) that features current events, videos, and pictures of HD bikes and owners.

35.  HD Talking

A forum on anything about Harleys and many other motorbike models and brands. This site serves as hub for Harley enthusiasts to exchange views, share experiences and ask questions.

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