No. 25. Georgia Satellites, 'Georgia Satellites' (1986)

They shouldn't have been one-hit wonders, since 1988's Open All Night was pretty good too. Nevertheless, the Atlanta-based Georgia Satellites' self-titled debut remains their lone claim to fame. At the time, this kind of down-home roots rock was as rare as it was badly needed. But that left-field sound remained out of step with pop trends, and their humorous No. 2 smash "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" tended to come off like a novelty song. They soon broke up, only to reform later with a lineup that didn't include frontman Dan Baird.

24. Wet Willie, 'Keep On Smilin'' (1974)

Progenitors of a soul-focused brand of Southern rock, this Mobile, Ala., band loosened up on its third album and finally found its audience. The happy-go-lucky, appropriately named Keep on Smilin' almost cracked the Top 40 on Billboard's albums chart, Wet Willie's highest-ever showing. The title track was its bell cow and its big hit, a No. 10 smash that ran country rock through a reggae filter. Wet Willie ended up scoring two more Top 40 singles, but "Keep on Smilin'" will always be their signature song.

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