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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The Most Stunning Castles Of Europe #2



Wednesday, August 5, 2020

The Tiny Houses of Christiania in Copenhagen

Christiania, is an intentional community and commune of about 850 to 1,000 residents, covering 7.7 hectares in the borough of Christianshavn in the Danish capital city of Copenhagen. Christiania has been a source of controversy since its creation in a squatted military area in 1971

Christiania began in 1971 as an occupation of disused army barracks in the southern portion of Copenhagen near a lake. The 900 or so freethinking individuals who inhabit the area are a self governing community who refuse to pay taxes to the Danish government, run their own businesses and schools, live without cars on unpaved roads, build their own houses, restaurants and civil buildings and even have their own currency.

Until 2004, one of the main attractions in Christiania was a series of hash stands on the main thoroughfare, which was named Pusher Street. While hard drugs have always been banned by community law, the hash trade was a burgeoning business for Christiania until the Danish government finally cracked down and the town was forced to refocus its business ventures. Visitors now come to Christiania for inexpensive, ethnic food, music concerts, coffee shops, yoga studios, farmers’ markets and handmade gift stalls. However, there is still a drug element in parts of the town.

The tiny houses of Christiania are wild, free form, colorful and charming. A vernacular architecture that blends in with surrounding trees and flowers. Walking around the park-like neighborhoods, you would never guess you are right in the middle of the city. Birds are singing, there are fish in the large lake in the middle of Christiania and community members ride around on bikes.

Some of the Christiania houses are even re-created from old shepherds huts, bathhouses and gypsy wagons.

However, photos of the houses, people, children and Pusher Street are discouraged. This is a hippie throwback community, but it is still home to hundreds of people who choose to raise their children in Christiania rather than out in Copenhagen proper. Most pro-Christiania citizens believe that the Danish government wants the community disbanded, probably because they are located on one of the most expensive and beautiful areas of the city."
Photos don’t do it justice, you just have to visit Christiania and see it for yourself. When you do, don’t forget to pick up a “Bevar Christiania”, or “Save Christiania” sticker. 

Photos Courtesy of Harry Thomas

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Stars & Stripes Harley & Bikini Shoot

While filming my "Savage Roads" episode in Krabi Thailand we did a photo shoot for bike magazines with Swedish model Gunvor Friberg who just so happened to have a US flag bikini which made the shoot even better!  These photos are high res so blow up quite large :)

Photos by Nathalie Enlund 
Filmed by Ian Matthews

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Savage Vintage Harley Davidson Collection II

A second series of photos I've been collecting from different sources such as the HD Factory files, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more. Enjoy my 2nd collection at last! Vroom

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Mystical Bridges Around The World

    Moon Bridge – Taipei, Taiwan

An ancient, mossy bridge is the perfect complement to any rural or river scene. These old and mysterious arched bridges are mankind’s way of traversing landscapes that are otherwise decidedly wild.
Interestingly enough, an arch is only kept in position by its own weight – the stones supporting an arch couldn’t possibly stay in their position without the stones above them weighing them down. So, while they were very effective and sturdy, their building process was complicated. This usually involved building an entire wooden framework underneath the bridge on which the arch could be rested until the rest of the bridge was built around it.

Devil’s Bridge In Rhodope        Mountains, Bulgaria

       Huangshan, Anhui, China 

            Pindos Mountains, Greece

    Låtefossen Waterfall, Norway

           Mullerthal, Luxembourg

           Rakotz Brücke, Germany

               Ronda, Malaga, Spain


       Multnomah Falls, Oregon, USA
        Gorge De L’areuse, Switzerland

        Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

              Carrbridge, Scotland

               Gaztelugatxe, Spain

     Stari Most, Bosnia And Herzegovina

               Root Bridge in India

                  Ponte Gobbo, Italy

                     Tollymore, UK

      Bridge Across The Merced River,    
       Yosemite, USA

      Gapstow Bridge, New York, USA

        Hermitage Bridge, Scotland