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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Getty Acquires, Restores Third Robert Johnson Image

Robert Johnson, the early-twentieth-century blues singer who, as the legend goes, made a deal with the Devil in exchange for his musical talent, is best known for two things: The first being his incredible talent as a blues musician, influencing the likes of Eric Clapton and many others, and the second being the fact that only two verified images of the singer exist anywhere—until now.


  1. I love this. Such great photos to show and tell history. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This isn't Robert Johnson. The photo's been disproved; just so you are aware. For instance take a quick look at the gentleman on the right. His clothing is buttoned right over left (the fly on his pants is wrong). This means the photo is reversed. And with a reversed photo the guitarist is right handed. Robert Johnson was left handed.

    You can read more elsewhere. Sorry to share the unfortunate news, you had good intentions

    1. A forensic analysis provides the strongest evidence yet that the subject of a recently discovered photograph is in fact blues legend Robert Johnson.

  3. Mr. Savage, unfortunately the link to the information you are sharing is from 2008. Lois Gibson has already been proven mistaken. Please take a look at this more current assessment; shared through the membership of the Real Blues Forum. My regrets that this misinformation continues to circulate. We all do wish there was more evidence in photograph or music of Robert Johnson! My best regards ...Gary

  4. If the photo is reversed, then in the original photo the guitarist is left handed since in this photo he's right handed. Otherwise he would be holding the neck on his right arm. So the fact that if it's reversed, only speaks for it that it's a real photo of him