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Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Seven Mayan Prophecies

The first news is that the Mayan date of 600 BC, at which time appeared symbols carved in rocks. In the year 300 AD begins the development of the Maya, beings who dedicate their lives to study and record the galaxy. Mayans built their beautiful cities, its places and its ceremonial pyramids south of Mexico, in the province of Yucatan, Honduras and Guatemala. Etched in Stone left their posts over time, the path of the Sun, Moon, Venus and the path that humanity should follow to get to the growth of Light and the New Age, and not for materialism and self-destruction. After almost 600 years of intense building activity and an astonishing scientific development, in the year 830 AD, the whole Mayan people disappeared voluntarily and knowingly. Abandon all, leaving only a few guardians of the legacy they left us. Prophecies The 7 are supported by scientific studies and religious about how the universe works.

                                                                1st PROPHECY

This prophecy talks about the end of fear. Says our world of hate and materialism will end on Saturday, December 22, 2012. On that day, humanity must choose between disappearing as race thinking that threatens to destroy the planet, or evolve to integrate harmoniously with the whole universe, realizing that everything is alive and conscious, that we are all part of this and that we exist in an era of light.

The 1st prophecy says that since 1999, it remains for us only 13 years to accomplish the change of attitude and awareness, so that we can deviate from the path of destruction to which we advance. The Mayans knew that our Sun (Kinich-Ahau), is a living being that breathes and every so often it synchronizes itself with the massive body which exists in the galaxy, and to receive a blaze of light from the center of this, shines more intensely, producing on its surface calls solar flares.

For the Mayans, the processes of respiration of the galaxy are cyclical and never change, what changes is the consciousness of man that passes through them always in a process to perfection. They predicted that since the year 3013 BC to 5125 years in the future, ie on Saturday, 22/12/2012, Sun, receiving a strong synchronization radius from the center of the galaxy, would change its polarity and produce a gigantic flaming radiant. In this period humanity will have to be prepared to go through the doors that the Mayans left us, transforming modern civilization, based on fear, on a vibration much higher in harmony. Just as an individual can go through the door that avoids the great cataclysm that will suffer the planet, to start a new era, a 6th cycle of the Sun of 5125 years.

The 2nd prophecy announced that the behavior of all humanity would move quickly from the solar eclipse of 08/11/1999. Incremented events that separate us, but also those that unite us, creating emotional instability: fear, aggression, hatred, families in dissolution, the enfranchisement by ideology, religion, morality and models of nationalism. Simultaneously more people find inner peace. There will be men with very high levels of internal energy, but also fakes that will intend to make a profit at the expense of others despair. Starting in 1999 was the start of "the time of no time", a stage of rapid changes needed to renew geological processes, social and human. At the end of each cycle would be his own judge, is when humans enter the great hall of mirrors to analyze everything he did in life. It is classified by the qualities that could develop, their ways, their behavior with others and with the planet. Heaven and hell will manifest the same time and every human being will live in one or the other, depending on your own behavior. In heaven with the wisdom to transcend what happens; hell to learn from pain and suffering, two inseparable forces.

The 3rd prophecy says that a heat wave increases the temperature of the earth causing climate change, geological and social magnitude unprecedented and astonishing speed. man contributed greatly to global warming: desflorestamos the planet, contaminate the air with emissions our cars, we transform the planet into a large pen. Our factories send into the atmosphere tons of toxic gases, soil and water are poisoned. We hurricanes, earthquakes, droughts and prolonged rains. All this will cause a strong impact on the economy because there will be shortages, lack of water, food, electricity. Prices for these products will rise, which will generate hunger and social unrest. Increase the number of pests, insects and tropical diseases like malaria.

4th Prophecy
This prophecy says that global warming caused by man's predatory conduct and greater activity of the Sun, will accelerate the melting of polar ice. Mayans were based on the spin of the planet Venus 584 days to make its calculations solar. They left recorded in his "Codex drede" that every 117 spins of Venus, marked every time the planet appear at the same point of the sky, the sun undergoes changes and appear large spots or eruptions of solar wind. Also warned that every 1,872,000 Kines, ie 5125 years, even bigger changes occur and when this happens, humanity must be prepared, therefore, is an omen of doom and great changes. Greenhouse Effect caused mainly by harmful action of man, is causing changes in climate and increasing the temperature of the seas. The ice of the polar caps is melting rapidly, raising sea levels, which produce flooding in coastal lands, and morphological changes of the continents.

We must guide our actions positively and grow with the difficulties we encounter. All predictions are for a change of consciousness, because the universe is generating all these processes, so that expandamos in the galaxy.

Says that all systems based on fear upon which our civilization is based, will become both the planet and the human being, giving way to a new reality of harmony. systems fail to humans face up himself, so that he realizes the need to reorganize society and continue on the path of evolution that leads us to understand creation. Almost all the world's economies are in crisis and information control system can collapse, with increasing solar activity, which can damage satellites. With solar flares, we received an unusual dose of ultraviolet rays that expands the upper atmosphere, reducing the pressure that exists on satellites that are at low altitudes. economics and communications systems are fragile and interconnected with each other. The power grid is sensitive to solar flares. She is the backbone of our society. religious systems based on a God who instills fear, also come into crisis. It would create a unique spiritual path common to all humanity that will end all limits established among the different ways of seeing God.

The 6th Mayan prophecy says that the coming years will see a comet whose trajectory will endanger the very existence of human beings. Mayans saw comets as agents of change, who came to put in balance the existing movement, so that certain structures are transform, allowing the evolution of the collective consciousness. All things have a rightful place, all circumstances, even the most adverse, are perfect for generating more understanding about life and to develop awareness of creation. Therefore, humans are constantly facing unexpected situations that generate distress. This is a way for him to reflect on their relationships with others and the world. So many experiences over many lives, he will understand the natural laws of reason and creation. To the Mayans, is the presence of God in all life forms and their presence is infinite. Mayans always studied and recorded events from heaven and that his warning is to prevent mankind from danger, for not knowing the orbits and periods of large waste that intersect with the trajectory of the earth. For a modern man, find out in advance large asteroids that could cause its extinction and then divert them, would be a great achievement and crucial fact that should bind us as a species.

She tells us of the time when the solar system in its cyclical turning, leaving the night to enter the dawn of the galaxy. Speaks also, that in the 13 years ranging from 1999 to 2012, the light emitted from the galaxy's center, will synchronize all living beings and allow them to agree voluntarily with their internal transformation, producing new realities, which will everyone the opportunity to change and break its limitations, through thought.

The additional energy of the beam emitted by Runacku (the galactic center), activates the genetic code of divine origin, in humans who are at high frequency vibration. Ability to read the thoughts of humans, totally revolutionize civilization. All boundaries disappear, the lie will end forever because nobody can hide anything, will begin an era of transparency and light that can not be hidden by any violence or negative emotion. We understand that we are part of a single giant organism and we will connect with the planet, with each other, with our Sun and the entire galaxy. All humans understand that the Kingdoms Mineral, Vegetable and Animal and spread all matter in the universe, from an atom to a galaxy, are living beings with consciousness evolution. From Saturday 22/12/2012, all relationships are based on tolerance and flexibility, because the other man feel like part of himself.

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