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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Valentino Rossi buys a Harley Davidson!

Valentino Rossi must be ready for the nut house. First he signs with Ducati, then goes back to Yamaha, and now he buys a Harley? Well, yes he did, but not just any Harley. During his Indianapolis weekend, Rossi spent some time with the seven-time winner of the AMA Flat Track Grand National Championship Chris Carr and left with a little present for himself. The present – the most successful flat track race bike in history of the sport, the weapon of choice of almost every GNC champion for the last forty years, the one and only Harley Davidson XR750.

Rossi, a great flat track fan, rides his own European flat trackers such as Zaeta on his private track in Italy, but now obviously wanted some of the real American iron. Interestingly enough, Harley has been untouchable on the top podiums for decades, in spite of sporadic coup efforts by Honda, Ducati or some other manufacturer. Come on Valentino, we’re eager for a video!

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