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Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Music Awards 2012: Album of the Year – Pat Savage Wind & Fire

There has been some fantastic new bands come to Total Biker FM during the year and many new albums being released. To be honest, it was very hard to just have 4 albums in this category!

The award for best album of 2012 went to Pat Savage for his album Wind & Fire. The album was featured on Total Biker FM during a 5 day series and one of the tracks “El Diablo” was also nominated for most requested song of the year.
Here is a snippet of the album review by Jon Seymour:

“There are many different styles of music on this album, from kick ass rock, to pure delta blues, and good old rock n roll. This album has something for just about everyone, and it’s all executed with just the right amount of attitude. Pat’s vocals are as gravelly as the asphalt that he rides on, and it gives the songs a harder edge to them. Listening to it gives you the feeling of riding pillion as Pat takes you on a musical journey aboard his beloved Harley Davidson.”

Jon Seymour

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