Savage Roads

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Celebrities In The Wind

Joan Jett

We all love our Harleys us old school bikers and the newer breed all over the world.
Here are some of our beloved celebrities enjoying their own Harley motors. Vroom

Bruce "The Boss" Sprinsteen

Sly Stallone

Arnold Swarzenegger

Brad Pitt


Lenny Kravitz


Tommy Lee


Mickey Jones

James Caan

Hugh Jackman

Tina Turner


  1. He has his bikes out in Cailf. serviced by Glendale HD. I worked in the service department for a while there. I delivered his bike back to his house after a service. The guy is a real good man...friendly.

  2. Bruce Springsteen has his motorcycles that are based in Cailf serviced at the Glendale HD. About 11 years ago I was working in the service department, and I had the honor of returning 1 of his bikes back to him. He is real, and very nice. whew...I was shaking... lol hero worship going on then.

  3. Ihave never met him but hear nly great things about the man himself. Lucky you!