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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Optimizing your Twitter page for maximum results!

One of the most important, and often overlooked parts of any Twitter page is the bio section. Your band may have the coolest profile pics, but without a great bio no one will ever see it.

Whether you’re new to Twitter or a veteran Tweeter, chances are you give more thought to the contents of your Tweets than to the content of your bio. Optimizing your bio is fairly simple and there are a number of tips out there to help you make the most of your Twitter experience.

I have compiled a list of proven tips that musicians are using to get their presence out to a wider audience.

1. Take full advantage of the space provided - Twitter allows you 160 character to wow the world, use all of them. It is near impossible to convey what you’re about in one short sentence. You know you’re great, you’re mom knows you’re great, but the rest of the world might need a little more convincing. The more information you can give them, the better.

2. Use keyword - Think of Twitter as a giant people based search engine. Think of things that people would search for to find your band, and try to include those keywords in your bio. Some keywords that might be relevant to you might include, “musician,” “indie,” “folk music,” “gangsta rapper,” etc. The more niche and targeted you can be, the better.

3. Have fun with it - Make your bio an extension of your personality. Whatever your personality is and whoever you are as an artist, make sure your bio represents that. If you’re funny, be funny. Showing your personality is a great way to make a great first impression.

4. Include your location - Some people don’t like to put a location or will just put the country they are from. I would advise against this. If you don’t want to be as specific as putting the city or town that you live in, at least put the general area or state that you’re in. This will help if people are looking for musicians locally or within a certain area, especially when looking for live shows. Additionally, this will aid in networking with other musicians in your area.

5. Have a link to your website - Twitter allows you to enter a link to a website that will appear in your bio. The only link you should be using in your bio is a link to your own website. Don’t use a link to your Facebook page, ReverbNation profile, etc. They can always go to those pages after they’ve visited your website. Give yourself the traffic, not some social media site. By sending people to “your” website, you can entice them to join your mailing list, read your blog, watch your videos, and visit your online store to make purchases.

6. Update your bio regularly - Your Twitter bio should be updated regularly. If you’re putting out a new album, going on tour, or have won an award, be sure to add a quick sentence about that. Always be aware of your Twitter bio and whether it still reflects who you are as an artist.

A good Twitter bio can tell someone a lot about your band. It can make it easier for new fans to discover your music. I hope these tips were helpful, now go write the next great Twitter bio!!

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