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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Getting On-Track Experience at Miller Motorsports in Utah

Guest blog from Dewayne Jasper

Most motorcycle riders look to find their main source of adventure on the road via road trips. In reality, motorcycles give you the chance to do much more than that.Although you can have an exciting ride on the way to events, it is also good to find other ways to use your motorcycle, such as at Miller in Utah. The Miller Motorsports Park hosts a range of racing events, but the big draw for bikers is the open track days when you get to experience their track for yourself. That means that you can take your bike for a unique adventure, no bags required.

The Track 
Miller Motorsports Park is located in Tooele, Utah, about 35 minutes from Salt Lake CityIt is a racing location where you can watch great series, such as NASCAR, Pro Motocross, and the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series. What is great about this park is that owners also aim to give visitors the chance to experience the race track first hand. There are karts, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, and automobiles that race on the track,and they also have frequent open track days. 
Open Track Days
The open track days at Miller in Utah are perfect for those who have always wanted to see what it would be like to race their motorcycle. They are run by APEX track days and are surprisingly affordable to participate in. There are typically open track days about once a month, so you can plan your visit for any month you want. To increase the adventure, pack some saddlebags and take a road trip to Utah on your bike. On the way there or back, be sure to take a ride along some of the scenic mountain routes surrounding Salt Lake City.

Safety doesn’t have to be a concern during open track days at Miller in Utah. All motorcycles on the track have to be in good shape, so you don’t have to worry about getting injured by someone else’s faulty bike. They also require full safety gear and a short track orientation before you do your first ride. Accidents are incredibly rare, but even if something does happen, there is an ambulance on-site. 
All Experience Levels
Riding to Miller in Utah is a great option no matter how long you have been riding your motorcycle. They have three different groups so beginners will ride with others at their level, preventing the need to worry about fast racers pressuring them or getting in the way. It is also a great way to learn more about your motorcycle and all that it can do. 
Getting There
If you are already going to Utah, you might as well make a great trip out of it. State Route 39 (the Ogden River Scenic Byway) runs right by Salt Lake City and is considered an excellent road for motorcycling. The route covers 62 miles and gives you the chance to enjoy a nice breeze and gorgeous views overlooking mountains and valleys. The road itself is smooth with lots of fun twists and turns, so all you need is a bag with supplies.
About the Author:
Dewayne Jasper has been riding for over 6 years with his Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R; you can also follow him on twitter and know about his riding.

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